Simply Thanks

It really does come down to the simple things. This morning things went according to schedule. I sat down at my desk around 9am and before getting started I said a little prayer asking for focus. (A major struggle these days). I thought back over the morning so far and was overwhelmed with gratitude. I thanked God for the many things that had gone well. The power was on all morning. The internet was working and I could do my workout video. The water was flowing so I could take a shower. My stomach was happy because a sweet friend made banana muffins for me. Four hours into the day and I was overwhelmed at all that had gone right. Power. Water. Food. Exercise. Basic human needs. So often one or more of those is absent from the day and it used to totally throw me off (see previously mentioned focus struggles).

But Ghana is refining me. And God is teaching me. I still have about 10,000 miles left to go in this journey, but I am learning to be grateful for every moment of every day. Whether good or bad, in control or out of control, God is still God. And all time is His.

Not too long after that prayer this morning the power went out. What can I do but say thank you again and laugh?


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