Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Through the purchases made by recent Gala attendees we were able to go on a few outings with the girls over the last few weeks. To celebrate the New Year we took a trip to the main branch of our church in Accra and got to worship with them. The church service there is always such a joyful and celebratory environment. Then, it wouldn’t be a Sunday in Accra if we did not go eat at our favorite restaurant, Papaye. Although the place was packed we managed to squeeze all 24 of us into some tables and enjoyed a delicious meal. After a big meal we decided to go and walk around in Marina Mall. This is when I got to experience the joy of watching the Pearls ride on an escalator and an elevator for the first time. We had a great time walking through the stores and finished everything off with some soft serve ice cream!

For our other fun outing we went to a nearby movie theater and got to watch a showing of the newly released Annie. The girls were able to connect with the story, they loved the music and we all had a great time. The movie was followed by a trip to the new mall where we again enjoyed a meal and the joy of escalators and elevators. We took time to walk through a few of the stores to teach girls about different foods and appliances. It is also important that they start learning how much things cost.
We laughed a lot and made memories together. So thankful for the joy of the Christmas season.
Fun times in the bus
Checking out the merchandise
Holding on for dear life on the escalator
Ice Cream!
A big table for a big family

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